Giant Chicken So Huge It Will Give You Nightmares


The gigantic Brahma Chicken rooster was caught on video emerging from its coop and it’s so huge it will give you nightmares! Even the hen was massive.

The Brahma is a large breed of chicken developed in the United States and averages 12 lbs. for the males. I guess there is some camera trickery here which makes this bird bigger than it is – though it is big.

The way it walks is just so scary! Mutant chicken, oh my goodness.

Press play to watch the video below:

I think the trickery is done by zooming into the chicken and the coop looking like a small house. The way the bird moves makes it look like a small person too. There are many videos of the Brahma on YouTube now and though they are big, they don’t look as big as this one.

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