Emily Mariko's ice on rice hack (video)


Fans can’t get enough of Emily Mariko’s latest “leftovers” video featuring one of her favorite food hacks: ice on rice.

The social media goddess of TikTok and Instagram uses a cube of ice to freshen up leftover rice (and whatever else she has) in the microwave. This is literally better than just adding a splash of liquid. (And also looks impressive for social media purposes!)

In this video, she uses the hack for white rice and some grilled chicken she made this week. To make the hack more effective, she covers the bowl with some parchment paper.

Press play to watch the video below.

Leftovers become stale and dry in the refrigerator, so the steam from the ice helps rehydrate the food.

The other hack Emily Mariko employs all the time is the “squeeze out the water from some salted cucumbers” technique. Sliced cucumbers or grated will do. But you already knew this from your mother’s cooking right?

Emily posts regularly on her social media and her videos trend all the time on TikTok’s fyp.

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