Danny Tidwell in 2013 How Is He Doing


Last night on “So You Think You Can Dance”, Tucker Knox and Robert Roldan danced a routine choreographed by Travis Wall.

Debbie Allen talked about Travis Wall’s choreography and how it was about Travis and his brother Danny Tidwell. Based on the choreography, I’m assuming that Travis “carried” his brother from a “dark place” in Danny’s life when he hit “rock bottom.”

Press play to watch Tucker Knox and Robert Roldan, inspired by Danny Tidwell:

Adam Shankman also tweeted that “somewhere Danny is watching”:

These made fans wonder what happened to Danny Tidwell. Is anything wrong? Was he in an accident? (Tucker and Robert had been in near-death accidents.)

As far as I know, he’s OK. He’s been living in Oslo, Norway since 2010 as a member of the Norwegian National Ballet.

He also celebrated his birthday last August 1.

He deleted his social media presence a while back so news about him has been scarce.

Update: Almost 7 years after this post, Danny Tidwell died in a car crash at age 35.

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