Best glide 'aye bae bae' dances on TikTok (video)


The viral glide dance challenge started on TikTok sometime in early February 2022, when dancer @jubi2fye started “gliding” in his apartment to the mix “Jersey Anniversary” or “Aye Bae Bae” (or “Aye Bay Bay”) by Malcolm B. This music first appeared on TikTok on November 30, 2021.

Fans of @jubi2fye then asked him to do the dance - which can best be described as a “sideways moonwalk” - in different places (outside, barefoot, on grass, etc) and it soon became his signature dance. TikTok users then started dueting and copying it.

It was not until TikTok user @_babyspank posted his version in March however did the dance truly go viral. If @jubi2fye looked like he was gliding on the floor, @_babyspank looked like he was levitating! His video now has 24 million views as of this writing. His glide is the version everyone else’s is measured against.

Other best glide dances include @jfrmdas_3 at 11 million views, @yvngflickk (featuring @jubi2fye) at 9 million views, and @kinghezzy with 16 million.

Press play to watch the video below.

Many people tried, but these guys are the best. Your moves are 🔥 if people think you are using special effects. If you don’t look like you are floating on the floor (and look like you are doing the Riverdance instead), you’re not doing it right.

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