Baby Goat Stampede Is the Cutest Stampede Ever (VIDEO)


It’s the annual running of the baby goats! So adorable! Watch the new kids from the Sunflower Farm race to the finish.

Apparently, each baby goat has a name: Annabelle, Elton, Cecilia, Delilah, Brooklyn, Jagger, Iggy, Adele, Sassafrass, Bessie, Gemini, Yukon, Ella, Denali, Louis, Sherlock, Watson, Rhubarb, Monty, Winifred, Maria-Cristina,Pedro, Smudge, Buttercup, Duncan, Tully, Rigby, Gus, Clive, Otis, Charlotte and Harper.

This is one of their last moments together before they head to their new homes in new farms.

Press play to watch the video below.

The Sunflower Farm has a whole series of baby goat videos on their YouTube page and worth checking out. They’ve made bank with their annual baby goat stampedes. Just adorable.

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