Adam Levine wanted to name his son after his mistress (video)


The Internet is truly a giving space, and today, Sumner Stroh shared a video on TikTok that one… she had an affair with Adam Levine… and two… he wanted to name his unborn baby (if it was a boy) after her and asked for permission.

What the actual F is this???

Press play to watch the video below.

I am just truly grateful that Sumner kept the receipts from the affair on her phone because this is just beautiful.

Sumner claims she was young and naive during the affair… which I think is fair.

Also, she recklessly shared these screenshots to a friend, who threatened to sell them to a tabloid. So she went ahead and shared them herself.

I love her.

You can follow Sumner Stroh on TikTok here.

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