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Poor Injured Dog Rescued from Wire Cutting Into Leg (VIDEO)

A dog nearly lost his leg when a poor, stray dog from a rural area found herself trapped in wire. Luckily, the heroes of Animal Aid Unlimited came to the rescue.

As it turns out, the wire cut so deep that it went down to the bone, leaving the dog completely unable to put any weight on the injured leg. However, the girl was still fast enough to evade capture by the Animal Aid Unlimited workers, making this rescue even more difficult than it would have been already. Thankfully, the team managed to catch the dog, and were quick in removing the wire from the damaged, injured leg. Thanks to the quick response of the Animal Aid Unlimited team, the leg was saved, and the dog appears to be as good as new. What a precious animal! Watch the video below:

Poor Injured Dog Rescued from Wire Cutting Into Leg (VIDEO)

To donate to this worthy cause, visit the official website for Animal Aid Unlimited.

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