Poll Predicts Donald Trump Will Win Super Tuesday In ‘Sign Of The Apocalypse’

On the eve of Super Tuesday, Donald Trump opened up a commanding 33-point lead in a national poll. Released on Monday, CNN/ORC International shows that Donald Trump has a 49% support from GOP voters. Sen. Marco Rubio has 19% and Sen. Ted Cruz has 15%.

The poll was taken between Feb. 24 to Feb. 27 – a period where Rubio had a strong showing in the last GOP debate and Donald Trump’s endorsement of Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. He endorsed the KKK and he’s still winning! Nationally.

On Monday morning, Trump said there was something wrong with his earpiece which caused him to “endorse” David Duke.

The situation is so dire that it looks like the GOP establishment is in a total panic behind the scenes and out in the open.

To highlight the gloom and doom, the NY Daily News is running this cover on Tuesday:

Source: NY Daily News

Source: NY Daily News

Be afraid! Be very afraid! Donald Trump cannot be stopped!

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