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Police Called To ‘The X Factor UK’ Contestants’ House

The X Factor UK live shows haven’t even started but the drama rages on, as police were called to the contestants’ house. However, it’s not for the reason you’d probably think.

As it turns out, in an attempt to get a peek at the contestants and their posh new home, someone flew a drone over the gates to the house. Home security picked up the drones on their surveillance and contacted the authorities to investigate the matter.

Granted, the concerns over security didn’t exactly prevent the contestants from attending rehearsals for the first live show, as Honey G was seen exiting the home. The most controversial performer on Sharon Osbourne’s Over 25s category, Honey G has been the subject of outrage on Twitter over her advancement to the live shows, as some fans have been calling for The X Factor to be cancelled as a result of the rapper sticking around over acts such as James Wilson, Christopher Peyton, Samantha Atkinson and Janet Grogan. I can’t say they’re wrong to be angry, even while acknowledging that novelty acts are part-and-parcel of what makes The X Factor the show it is. But this just might be a bridge too far, even for The X Factor.

Police Called To 'The X Factor UK' Contestants' House

Source: YouTube

But I digress, as it appears everything is fine at The X Factor house, and security is likely to be heightened in order to protect the privacy of the contestants, including couple Ryan Lawrie and Emily Middlemas, and controversial group Bratavio, who fear the public backlash against them might signal the end of their career, as well as that of mentor Louis Walsh. I guess we’ll see, as The X Factor goes live this weekend.

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