Plymouth Horizon Gets The ‘Regular Car Reviews’ Treatment (VIDEO)

The guys behind Regular Car Reviews are Mopar enthusiasts, and it’s never been more evident than in today’s episode, centering on the 1985 Plymouth Horizon, the “conjoined twin of the Dodge Omni”.

This is one of those rare cars where Mr. Regular doesn’t particularly care how it drives, or what it’s practical application is as a daily driver. This one is all about the cultural context of a car that kept Chrysler afloat at a time where the company was on the verge of closing up shop altogether. Of course, as with any episode of RCR, this has some of the most utterly random jokes you’re likely to come across in a car show. But the less I actually spoil about it, the better. Watch the video below:

Plymouth Horizon Gets The 'Regular Car Reviews' Treatment (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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