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Plane Crash Survivor Barrett Baber Becomes Early Frontrunner on The Voice 9 (VIDEO)

Plane crash survivor and high school teacher Barrett Baber jumped to the head of the pack with his take on “Angel Eyes” by The Jeff Healey Band on The Voice 9 Blind Auditions!

So Barrett survived a plane accident in which the plane crashed on the runway and caught fire, killing 11 people on-board. It’s an incredible story, and Barrett comes across as an immensely likable guy, but the real key to why he just might be the frontrunner this season is his audition itself. His rendition of “Angel Eyes” is fantastic! With all four judges turning their chairs, it seems like only a matter of time before Barrett takes this entire competition by storm. Watch Barrett Baber’s blind audition video below:

Plane Crash Survivor Becomes Early Frontrunner on The Voice 9 (VIDEO)

Results: All four judges turned their chairs! Barrett chose to join Team Blake Shelton!

Download: Barrett Baber, “Angel Eyes”

This is a dynamic vocal with an impressive amount of range to it. Adam, in particular, looked thrilled by it. That said, he desperately needs to tone down the wacky movements onstage. It’s just distracting, and his voice is more than good enough to make up the difference. But I like Barrett. I like him a lot.

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