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Pit Bull Rescued After Attack By Neighborhood Kids (VIDEO)

Not all dogs find happy homes. But some dogs who suffer the tragedy of a life of abuse or homelessness do find a light at the end of the tunnel. Such was the case for one pit bull, who was lucky enough to be rescued from his nightmarish circumstances.

In this video, we meet a stray pit bull who was injured by neighborhood kids, who pelted the poor dog with rocks. The team from Hope For Paws found the dog, fed him, and got him out of his dangerous neighborhood. They decided to name him Buddha, with the hope he can find a peaceful life in a loving forever home. You can learn more about Hope For Paws by clicking here. And you can adopt rescue dogs like Buddha by clicking here. And to see Buddha’s story, watch the video below:

Pit Bull Rescued After Attack By Neighborhood Kids (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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