Pink Slams Fat-Shamers on Weight Gain: ‘I Feel Beautiful!’ (PHOTO)

Pink has slammed critics for “fat shaming” her because of her recent weight gain. The singer appeared at the John Wayne 30th Annual Odyssey Ball in Beverly Hills slightly heavier than usual (at least on camera) on Saturday.

She put those trying to fat shame her on blast early Monday morning and it was glorious!

She wrote:

“I can see that some of you are concerned about me from your comments about my weight. You’re referring to the pictures of me from last night’s cancer benefit that I attended to support my dear friend Dr. Maggie DiNome. She was given the Duke Award for her tireless efforts and stellar contributions to the eradication of cancer. But unfortunately, my weight seems much more important to some of you. While I admit that the dress didn’t photograph as well as it did in my kitchen, I will also admit that I felt very pretty. In fact, I feel beautiful. So, my good and concerned people, please don’t worry about me. I’m not worried about me. And I’m not worried about you either :)… I am perfectly fine, perfectly happy, and my healthy, voluptuous and crazy strong body is having some much deserved time off. Thanks for your concern, Love, cheesecake”

*Clap. Clap. Clap.*

Honestly, this fat shaming trend, as if it’s OK to do so, is really disgusting. I’m glad Pink and others are fighting back.

Pink Slams Fat-Shamers on Weight Gain- 'I Feel Beautiful' (PHOTO)

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