Judge Rules Letting Your Children Listen to Pink is Not Detrimental to Their Health

An Ocean County, New Jersey judge has ruled that a mother who her took her 11-year-old daughter to a Pink concert did not display a lapse in judgement or bad parenting.

These were all claims made by the child’s father, who wanted the family judge to determine his ex “abused her parental discretion” by taking their daughter to the 2013 concert.

To the surprise of no one, these claims were made in the couple’s divorce case.

In response, Superior Court Judge Lawrence R. Jones wrote a 37-page decision, in which he discussed the history of rock-n-roll and interviewed all parties involved.

He determined that the courts would not get involved in cases with parental disagreements “so long as such choices do not unreasonably compromise the child’s general health, safety and welfare.”

“[The mother] in no way, shape or form exceeded the boundaries of reasonable parental judgment,” Jones wrote. “Her decision did not subject the child to any unreasonable risk of harm, or compromise A.Z’s health, safety or welfare.”

“To the contrary, when all the smoke from the custody litigation clears, it will be self-evident that all which happened here is that a young girl went to her first rock concert with her mother and had a really great time.”

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