Piece of Burger gets Makeup Tribute (VIDEO)

Jan Bonito, a Pinoy makeup artist from Denver, CO just did a makeup tribute to the “Piece of Burger” guy Courtney Barnes from So You Think You Can Dance. Amazing!

I’m not going to lie, I do feel a bit disappointed that Piece of Burger’s Internet fame was cut abruptly short by some other 24-hour news cycle events. (I’m looking at you Rachel Dolezal). I thought he had a couple more minutes.

This makeup tribute is a gem:

Don't feed him a #PieceOfBurger after midnight; he will multiply. ——>@kingdance_

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Since everyone's loving this look, I'll post the video early ^_^ Thank you guys so much! ????????????

A video posted by Jan Bonito (@jkbonito) on

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