Philadelphia Eagle Earns Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent 2016 (VIDEO)

Philadelphia Eagle Jon Dorenbos earned the Golden Buzzer from guest judge Ne-Yo on the America’s Got Talent 2016 “Judge Cuts 1” on Tuesday, July 12, 2016!

In one of the more emotional videos of the season, Jon recalls how his father murdered his mother when he was a teenager. However, Jon’s aunt quickly stepped up and took in Jon and his sister. Suddenly, she went from being a single, 32-year-old woman to a mother to two teenagers. Although he’s a proud member of the Philadelphia Eagles, he owes his life to magic, which gave him comfort during hard times. But even more than that, he owes his life to his aunt, who took him in and fought for custody to have him and his sister. Onto the act: Jon has Ne-Yo pick a card from a deck. Jon then draws a box on a piece of paper. He predicts the card…and gets it wrong! But that’s part of the act, as he tells Ne-Yo to tell him the card. It’s a five of clubs. Sure enough, Jon has the drawing of the box open up to reveal a five of clubs! He turns the paper over to show that the five of clubs had been drawn on there the entire time! Incredible! The judges are positively perplexed, and Howie can’t help but stand up. Watch the performance video below:

Philadelphia Eagle Earns Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent 2016 (VIDEO)

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Result: Simon feels there are no tricks, there is real magic in the world, and that some people have magic powers. He feels Jon is one of those people. He praises Jon for his act, and Ne-Yo is right there with Simon. So much so, in fact, that….


Ne-Yo gets onstage to congratulate Jon, and explain that while some people might view this as only card tricks, he sees it as real magic. Jon states this is one of the coolest moments of his life.

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