Pharrell Williams Turning ‘Happy’ Into a Children’s Book

Pharrell Williams is about to make parents very happy — assuming they aren’t sick of the song yet.

Yes, it’s true. Pharrell has signed a deal to write a children’s book based on “Happy,” his chart-topping, Grammy-winning, Oscar-nominated hit. Due for release on September 22nd, the book is set to have an initial release of 250,000 copies, although more would presumably be printed if the book is a success. After all, despite the ubiquity of Nooks and Kindles, plenty of people still buy print books, particularly those of the kids’ variety.

The book will basically feature pictures of kids from all over the world “celebrating what it means to be happy,” which sounds a lot like the revolutionary 24-hour music video for “Happy,” which features people from the world over getting their “Happy” on. If it is like the music video, I wouldn’t be surprised, since that video is a proven success, having just won the Grammy for Best Music Video. Hell, the whole book deal doesn’t even surprise me, considering “Happy” is one of Pharrell’s biggest smash hits, having remained No. 1 for TEN STRAIGHT WEEKS. That’s madness in this era. And it seems any time he performs it on TV, it ends up being one of the most memorable moments of the given show, whether it was his performance of the song at the Oscars last year or his epic take on the song at the Grammys last week. It’s a song that has basically broken through at every level of the public consciousness, so why shouldn’t it top the bestseller list too? I mean, it’ll probably be a better book than the last hit song that got turned into a children’s book.

Pharrell’s deal with published Putnam also includes a contract for three more books to follow after “Happy,” so it looks like Pharrell is transitioning from hitmaker to The Voice coach to potential bestselling author. Really, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s anything the man can’t do. That said, my niece still loves this song, and I love Pharrell, so best believe I’ll be picking this up.

Pharrell Williams Turning 'Happy' Into a Children's Book

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