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Petition To Capture Bi-Pedal Bear Reaches 91K+ Supporters

Over 91,000 people have signed a petition demanding the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife relocate a famous bi-pedal bear named “Pedals” to a wildlife sanctuary.

Pedals has been walking on its hind legs looking for food in New Jersey because its front paws are injured. Officials say the bear will survive this winter, but petitioners think otherwise.

C’mon New Jersey! Save Pedals!!!

Petition To Capture Bi-Pedal Bear Reaches 91K+ Supporters

Via Press Release:

Over 91,000 people have signed a Care2 petition demanding New Jersey wildlife officials allow the relocation of “Pedals,” a bear who has been seen walking upright due to injured front paws in Oak Ridge, NJ, for over a year.


The petition asks the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife to allow the bear to be captured and relocated to The Orphaned Wildlife Center, a wildlife sanctuary in Otisville, NY.

Care2 petition author Lisa Rose-Rublack is a Bloomingdale, NJ, resident who often volunteers at local animal shelters and rescue organizations. She says she started the Care2 petition because she’s been aware of the bear since he was first spotted in her local area.

“We’ve been watching him suffer for over a year,” Rose-Rublack told Care2. “Last year, his suffering was questionable. This year, it’s clear. So now we’re at a standstill.”

A GoFundMe page for the bear has raised over $21,000 in 13 days to relocate the bear. The sanctuary reportedly sent a letter to NJ Fish and Wildlife offering to house the bear and asking the department to “open up a dialogue” with the wildlife rescuers.

Yet wildlife officials are not convinced the bear needs to be relocated. NJ Fish and Wildlife press officer Lawrence Hajna told ABC News that the division’s biologists believe “the bear is doing fine.”

The Orphaned Wildlife Center refuted this on its Facebook page.

“We don’t feel this bear is of good enough weight going into winter, and we don’t feel that it is a normal or natural situation for him to be coming into residential communities like this,” the center posted. “It Is not a good situation for Pedals, or for the local community. We continue to hope that the response from F&W will be positive.”

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