Pepsi Will Sell Limited Edition Pepsi Perfect from ‘Back to the Future II’ (VIDEO)

As we draw inevitably closer to the 2015 Marty McFly witnessed in Back to the Future IIPepsi has decided to help things along by releasing the no longer fictional Pepsi Perfect.

Pepsi Perfect? Check. Hoverboards? Check. Dehydrated pizza? Fail.

The limited edition run of 6,500 sodas will be sold online (at an address not yet revealed) on Oct. 21 — AKA the date Marty traveled to the future.

In true futuristic style, the super cross-promotional soft drink will set you back $20.15.

Bottles will also be given out at New York Comic Con to anyone dressed like Marty McFly or can be won by playing the Wild Gunman game at the Pepsi Booth.

The future has finally arrived… and so has Pepsi Perfect. Coming soon!

The taste of a 2K generation,
Carrying on a long tradition,
Pepsi Perfect, the future is now.

You better drink fast or you might miss it,
Same great taste, can’t resist it,
Pepsi Perfect, the future is now…


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