People Have No Idea Who the ‘American Idol XIV’ Finalists Are (VIDEO)

As if to illustrate why the show is coming to an end after Season 15, Jimmy Kimmel Live took to the streets of Hollywood to ask regular people what they think of this year’s American Idol finalists. However, the interviewer for the show replaced each finalist’s name with a completely different public figure to test just how well people know these finalists. In addition, the interviewer made up moments from the season to test whether or not people have been watching.

As it turns out, they haven’t exactly been watching as much as they insist they have been.

Watch the video below:

People Have No Idea Who the 'American Idol XIV' Finalists Are (VIDEO)

So yeah, apparently people can’t tell the difference between Clark Beckham/Nick Fradiani and Adnan/Jay from the Serial podcast. Or confessed killer Robert Durst. Or Vice President Joe Biden and wife Jill. This, despite Nick Fradiani having just won American Idol (and in one of the most entertaining finale shows Idol has ever had! Seriously, that was a breezy, fun show)

But that wasn’t even the most cringey part, as they stuck to the notion that they watched the series, even as the interviewer made up moments that didn’t even happen this season. It goes to show how far American Idol has fallen, in terms of relevance.

In fact, as someone who still enjoys the show, it’s kind of sad. However, I think it also illustrates that it’s time for the show to be put out to pasture. Maybe they can reboot it in a decade, when there’s nostalgia for it, or singing shows become a novelty once again. But 15 seasons is enough for now (and hey, that’s a DAMN good run for any show).

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