People Are Naming Their Babies After Pokemon Now — No, Seriously

Well, it’s official: Pokemon GO has taken over the world, to such a degree that people are now naming their babies after Pokemon.

Baby name tracker site BabyCenter was the first to report on the sudden increase in popularity for certain Pokemon baby names. For instance, Eevee has risen 1,377 spots on the list of most popular girl names, while Onyx is up 2,184 spots. Meanwhile, Roselia, the name for a Pokemon who hasn’t even debuted in Pokemon GO yet, has seen risen 5,859 spots from last year. Naturally, Ash has jumped up 200 spots. I guess it shouldn’t be long before we run into other human names from the series, like Willow, Brock, Misty, Candela, Blanche or Spark.

“We see babies named after TV show characters, celebrities, and even Instagram filters,” said BabyCenter editor Linda Murray. “Millennials are particularly attracted to technology and ’90s nostalgia, which is one of the reasons we think Pokemon Go is already having an impact on baby naming trends among pregnant women.”

People Are Naming Their Babies After Pokemon Now -- No, Seriously

Source: YouTube

So I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised if we find ourselves with a sudden infestation of people named Weedle or Zubat. Lord knows, there are enough of those in my town as it is.

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