Pentatonix Teams With Dolly Parton For Stunning ‘Jolene’ Cover (VIDEO)

Pentatonix has done tons of tributes to their heroes, but it’s rare that they ever actually get to perform alongside them. However, that’s all changing now with their latest video, in which they team with country music legend Dolly Parton for a cover of her iconic hit, “Jolene”.

This is exactly as amazing as you’d expect it to be, with harmonies that are pretty much second-to-none. I think it’s great how easily Dolly fits into the group here without making Pentatonix come across as background singers. There’s a blend to all their voices, but without losing the distinctive character of Dolly’s. It’s one of the more instantly memorable songs among Pentatonix’s non-medley performances. Needless to say, I’m really impressed. Watch the epic video below:

Pentatonix Teams With Dolly Parton For Stunning 'Jolene' Cover (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

What do you think of Dolly Parton and Pentatonix teaming up for “Jolene”? Sound off in the comments!

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