Paula Deen cuts the fat in new cookbook

Paula Deen is releasing her 15th cookbook titled “Paula Deen Cuts the Fat” on September 15. She is also launching a daily radio show and weekly podcast at

Deen has dropped 40 pounds since she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2013. The cookbook is part of her comeback in the food world after she was fired from the Food Network and lost most of her corporate endorsements back in 2013. She was charged with racial discrimination in court by a former employee which she eventually settled.

Regarding the new cookbook, Deen told PEOPLE: “I created 200 amazing light recipes. Plus, I cut the calories from 50 of my favorite classic dishes. The best part is that the same delicious southern taste remains.”

So apparently it is possible to cook healthy Southern food. I’m glad Paula Deen has seen the light. I don’t know if one cookbook can make up for the years this woman encouraged and celebrated unhealthy cooking on TV though. Some of her fans might already have irreversible health problems after dropping in that one extra stick (or two) of butter that they shouldn’t have.

Paula Deen cuts the fat in new cookbook

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