Patrick Schwarzenegger gets death threats from Miley Cyrus fans

Patrick Schwarzenegger has been getting constant death threats from Miley Cyrus fans on social media after a photo of him “cheating” on her was released this week.

Patrick defended himself on Twitter against cheating allegations writing: “Would NEVER do anything against my GF…”

However this has not stopped Miley’s fans from making threats, like burning down his pizza shop, according to TMZ:

One fan warned, “you better run for your life when you come to LA” and “I hope your pizza place burns down.” Another wondered, “Who’s gonna kill Patrick for us?” Others threatened all-out war “… be ready for what’s about to come,” punctuating the threat with a knife and poo emojis. Of course, he couldn’t escape without an Arnold reference … “You and your dad have a way of f***ing good s*** up.”

Just a precursory search on Twitter will turn out even more, like this photo of a Lindsay Lohan with a gun.

I hope Miley and Patrick work things out soon.

Photo Credit: Getty Images Entertainment

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