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Paralyzed Dog Abandoned At Shelter With Heartbreaking Note Still Needs Home

Meet Genie – a paralyzed dog that was left by her owners at a shelter because they could no longer take care of her. The note they left was heartbreaking:

“Please help my Genie. Genie (her name) is paralyzed from I believe her hips to her hind legs. I tried to manage her pain with medication from her vet but they only ease her pain and she needs surgery. I cannot afford so I ask that the Animal Health Center heal her and find her a loving forever home. Thank you.”

On Wednesday, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay shared an update on Genie that she has seen a vet. She is confirmed to have a herniated disc in her lumbar spine that is causing her paralysis. Genie however will not get an operation and instead will get some wheels to help her walk.

If you are interested in adopting Genie, please contact the Adoption Manager at 813-876-7138.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

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