Paige Reportedly Quits WWE, Hires Legal Representation

WWE star Paige is on her way out of the company, despite a long-term contract that has her locked in until 2019.

It all started when Paige and boyfriend Alberto Del Rio were separated in the WWE draft. Although both ended up being suspended for violating the Wellness Policy shortly after, both parties were furious that the company had broken them up via the draft. Adding fuel to the fire were reports that WWE threatened to fire Paige if she didn’t end her relationship with Del Rio. Eventually, Del Rio parted ways with WWE, making the announcement official in a tweet earlier today (tellingly, WWE’s official statement on Del Rio’s release does not wish him well in his future endeavors, which is a break from the standard M.O. of WWE releases).

Paige Reportedly Quits WWE, Hires Legal Representation

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Naturally, the combination of mistreatment and the departure of Del Rio has led to reports that Paige is quitting the company altogether, and hiring legal representation to help get her out of her contract. The news comes from FrontRowBrian, an insider who’s been on the mark with news like this in the past:

It’s uncertain if legal representation is simply to help her get out of her contract, if it’s to defend her against a breach of contract lawsuit from WWE, or if it’s even to plan a lawsuit of some kind against WWE. Maybe it’s all three. If nothing else, I think she’d have a case solely on the basis that WWE continually classifies its wrestlers as “independent contractors” who can leave whenever they want and work for whoever they want, while clearly treating them like employees who are locked into contracts and can’t work elsewhere. Hell, WWE can’t really enforce a rule against workplace romances when their employees aren’t technically classified as employees, and when the No. 2 and No. 3 figureheads in the company, HHH and Stephanie McMahon, developed their relationship in the workplace. I guess it all depends on the nature of the lawsuit Paige files. Either way, this could be very bad for WWE. With that said, I’ll miss her work in the company, especially now, where we have two rosters and a relatively thin selection of women on either one (seriously, Smackdown has about six women on the roster. They could definitely use a talent like Paige). Not to sound too cliche, but I do wish her the best in her future endeavors, even if WWE probably isn’t going to.

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