Oscar Winner Diablo Cody to Rewrite ‘Barbie’ Live-Action Movie

Barbie is coming to the big screen, and an Oscar winner will be making sure she puts her best foot forward.

Sony Pictures has hired Oscar-winning Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody to rewrite the live-action Barbie movie, which already has a first draft turned in from Rio 2 scribe Jenny Bicks. This is one of two movie projects Sony has lined up with Mattel, the other one being the He-Man movie, Masters of the Universe.

But what kind of tone will it have with Cody as screenwriter? Will it be cynical, or will she be able to capture the materialistic whimsy of the Barbie brand without snarking about it? Deadline does a great job detailing the importance of getting the right tone:

The producers and studio are determined to get the tone right, much the way that Warner Bros did with The LEGO Movie, which had a cool factor and sense of fun. The theme of empowerment overrides the fashion accessories that have been a staple of a $3 billion-a-year toy brand. Barbie uses her personal and professional skills to step into the lives of others and improve them, almost like a modern-day Mary Poppins. That storyline allows for the discovery of a young actress to play the title character, and young cast to play Ken and Barbie’s best friend, putting stars around them that can change in subsequent movies, a formula that allows for affordable sequels. This is one of two Sony projects with Mattel, the other being Masters Of The Universe.

Considering that Sony is potentially creating a franchise here, the tone is all the more important. But if Cody, who also wrote the criminally underappreciated Charlize Theron vehicle Young Adult, seems a bit too edgy for a Barbie movie, producer Walter Parkes sees it as a massive plus.

“Diablo’s unconventionality is just what Barbie needs,” Parkes said. “It signals we’re going for a legitimately contemporary tone. We’re bringing her on because she had great ideas, but even more importantly, she truly loves Barbie.”

So now, I guess the search begins for an actress to play Barbie. Whom do you think should get the role? Which actor should be Ken? And what do you think of Cody as screenwriter? Sound off in the comments!

Oscar Winner Diablo Cody to Rewrite 'Barbie' Live-Action Movie

Credit: Matt Sayles/AP

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