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Orphaned Baby Elephants Get Homemade Blankets

Orphaned baby elephants were gifted homemade wool blankets when a coldsnap hit Myanmar. Interestingly enough, the blankets were donated by the Blankets for Baby Rhinos knitting group on Facebook.

Kindness is for all animals! This story fills my heart with joy. And these elephants are so adorable too.

Source: Rumble

Source: Rumble

From Rumble:

The Save Elephant Foundation charity kitted out its orphan elephants with handmade woolen blankets on December 22 after temperatures in Myanmar dipped. The blankets were donated from Blankets for Baby Rhinos, a knitting Facebook group, to the elephants at the Winga Baw Elephant Sanctuary in Bago, Myanmar. Temperatures fell to as low as 50 degrees fahrenheit from the normal daytime temperature of 80 degrees fahrenheit in Bago, as a cold front from China swept through the region.

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