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Orphaned Baby Deer Mistakes Dog for Parent – So Sweet! (VIDEO)

When a fawn is orphaned, it seeks out that lost parental bond in other ways. That’s what happened when this baby deer came across a dog who was almost too good to be true.

A Karelian bear dog named Mishka is the star of the video: as a wildlife service dog trained for the reconditioning of habituated bears, Mishka has a rough and tumble disposition when on the clock, but he’s actually a gentle soul underneath it all. Basically, Mishka’s job is to scare the bears who’ve come to rely on human settlements for food. But that’s basically where Mishka’s mean streak ends, as he’s shown to be a total sweetheart, particularly once the baby deer claims him as a parent. Apparently, it’s a job Mishka is all too willing to accept. Watch the adorable, sweet video below:

Orphaned Baby Deer Mistakes Dog for Parent - So Sweet! (VIDEO)

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