‘Once Upon A Time’ Star Robbie Kay Joins ‘Heroes Reborn’

Peter Pan is coming to Heroes Reborn!

Robbie Kay, who played a villainous version of the classic storybook character on ABC’s Once Upon A Time, has reportedly joined the cast of NBC’s limited series revival of Heroes. He will play a new character, although details about that character have not been revealed.

Kay will star opposite Zachary Levi, whose character is similarly being kept under wraps, and original series star Jack Coleman, who is returning as Noah Bennett. The 13-episode series is from creator Tim Kring and executive producers James Middleton and Peter Elkoff.

The show has yet to get an official premiere date, but when we know, so will you. Either way, this is terrific news for the show, since Kay has a tremendous screen presence. The man made Peter Pan absolutely loathsome, and it was awesome. I’m kind of hoping he can do something similar with whatever role he’s given here. That is, unless he’s cast as a hero. But that British accent is almost too perfect to waste on a good guy. (Then again, some of the best superheroes have British accents! Assuming you can call Thor’s accent a British one)

What do you think of the casting, and what kind of role do you think Kay will play? Hero? Or another villain? Sound off in the comments!

'Once Upon A Time' Star Robbie Kay Joins 'Heroes Reborn'

Credit: ABC

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