Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle on WWE Comeback: ‘Will I return? Yes!’

With the WWE brand split coming up with the official draft on the July 19 Smackdown, the company has reportedly been in touch with a bunch of past talents, with the hopes of rehiring some of them to replenish the rosters for the respective Raw and Smackdown brands. Among those who received a call was Olympic gold medalist and former WWE champion Kurt Angle.

“Will I return? Yes,” Angle stated on Mark Madden’s radio show. “I don’t know when.”

Angle has essentially been persona non grata in WWE since 2006, when he was granted a release in order to seek treatment for substance abuse, only to turn around and sign with TNA. However, Angle is stating that he’s now on good terms with WWE, adding that it isn’t a matter of “if” he comes back, but rather “when”. According to Angle, he and Triple H had a conversation six weeks ago, just before the announcement of the brand split, which seems to indicate there’s interest in giving him one last run to possibly put over new talent and perhaps transition into an agent or trainer role. I’d also bet on a Hall of Fame induction being included. Of course, Angle has also stated he’s open to managing on-screen talent, noting that he could be a mouthpiece for the Angle-like tag team of American Alpha.

Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle on WWE Comeback 'Will I return Yes!'

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I’d love to see Kurt back in a WWE ring. Just hearing him come out to his old WWE theme in his match against Zack Sabre Jr. at the Revolution Pro show last week gave me goosebumps. I could only imagine how huge the moment would be once the music hits in WWE. That said, I wouldn’t want to see him wrestle unless he could pass all of WWE’s physical exams. One of the big barriers to his return was WWE not wanting an Olympic gold medalist to die on their watch, and with Angle’s past history of substance abuse issues, it seemed a legit possibility at the time they let him go. While substance abuse might not be an issue now, there’s certainly far more wear and tear on Kurt’s body now than in 2006, when he’d already had neck surgery to prolong his career. As much as I’d love to see Kurt back in a WWE ring for one last run, I wouldn’t want it to be at the expense of his general well-being. That said, Kurt is the kind of talent who could thrive on commentary, as an agent, a trainer, or as an authority figure. Having him back could be a huge boon to WWE.

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