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Officer Risks Life to Save Dog from Blazing Fire (VIDEO)

Heroes are real, but they don’t always get the credit they deserve, particularly when saving the day is their regular job. In this video, a police officer in Mexico rescues a German Shepherd from a blazing fire that could have claimed the life of the frightened dog.

Long story short, when Mexican police officers arrived at the burning building, they quickly realized they had to let the fire simply run its course. However, that was before they spotted the frightened dog in a corner. With the fire creeping closer, a heroic officer decided to run into the blaze and retrieve the dog, escaping to safety before the fire got any more out of hand. It’s a moment of bravery that’s about as awesome as anything we’ve seen this week. Watch the full video below:

Officer Risks Life to Save Dog from Blazing Fire (VIDEO)

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