Updated: 2024-05-22

Moved to a new apartment in Midtown Manhattan after winning the New York City Affordable Housing Lottery. If you know me in real life, now you know someone who’s won this thing. Apparently it’s really real. I got so lucky! I tried for at least 8 years. My best advice is to make sure you have all your paperwork ready and “clear”. In other words, if you claim you are in a certain income bracket, you have to be able to prove it without question.

This apartment is the biggest space I’ve every lived in, in the twenty plus years I’ve been in Manhattan. It’s like my New York City adventure is starting all over again. Absolutely surreal. Posted some updates on my Instagram and TikTok.

Watching copious amounts of Classic Tetris on Twitch after the top players in the community decided to go for world record runs. What they are doing now is something no one thought possible just a year ago. Truly a golden age moment for this old NES game. My favorites are Alex Thach, Tristan Kwai, Andy Artiaga and Michael Artiaga. You can find me hanging around their chat all the time as well as other player’s channels.

It’s been almost two years since my dog CJ died, so after I’ve completely settled in, will continue to think about what to do in the next chapters of my life.

— R.