Now ‘Escape From New York’ Is Getting a Remake Too

In addition to all the other remakes coming soon, such as David Fincher and Ben Affleck’s upcoming take on Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers On A Train, we’re getting more remakes of classic action movies.

Twentieth Century Fox reportedly intends to remake Escape From New York, the 1981 cult classic directed by John Carptenter. To keep some semblance of continuity with the original production, Carpenter is on-board as an executive producer and will have “creative influence” over the project. The intention here, of course, is to launch a new franchise. However, for that to happen, they’ll need to find the right person for the lead.

Given the stature of the original, it’s going to be hard to find someone to fill the shoes of Kurt Russell, who played the eyepatch-wearing, one-liner-spouting badass Snake Plissken. Russell was a perfect fit for the role, since he brought a certain winking levity to the part, as Plissken is a character who seems to recognize the inherent ridiculousness of his situation. In the movie, he’s hired to rescue the President of the United States after Air Force One crashes in a hellish, dystopian New York.

I have no idea who they could get for the role, although fan suggestions have included everyone from Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam to Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. I think they’d both do a decent job, but I don’t feel either would tap into that cynical quality of Russell’s original performance. Any suggestions on who could fill Russell’s shoes? And what do you think about this remake? Awful idea or fine for a remake? Sound off in the comments!

Via: Deadline

Now 'Escape From New York' Is Getting a Remake Too

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