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Nothing is Cuter Than Baby Goats Wearing Sweaters (VIDEO)

Is there anything cuter than baby goats? Yes! And the answer to that question is: baby goats wearing sweaters!

It is a scientifically proven fact that nothing is cuter than baby goats wearing sweaters.

Spoilers: that is not a scientifically proven fact.

According to the Sunflower Farm Creamery, who posted the video, the sweaters were put on the newborns when the temperature dropped below freezing.

As they wrote in the description:

The kids wore the sweaters on their first adventure outside with mom. They were just born yesterday so it took them a bit to get their feet working.

This year we are naming all the kids after presidents, vice presidents, and first and second ladies. These triplets are called: Arthur (Chester A. Arthur 1881–1885), Edith (Edith Roosevelt 1901 to 1909) and Eleanor (Eleanor Roosevelt 1933 to 1945)!

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