Nissan’s New Driverless Car Is the Future on Four Wheels (PHOTOS)

Nissan’s IDS Concept car is the latest in self-driving technology. The autonomous electric car comes stocked with 60 kWh battery, and a carbon fiber body that makes this a sleek, lightweight car.

However, the coolest part of the car, the part that makes this feel like the future on four wheels, is the way the car switches from Piloted to Manual drive. You can check it out in the image below, but long story short, the seats rotate, the touch-screen unit folds inward, and the steering wheel pops out all in one motion. It’s like the freaking Batmobile! Seriously though, this could revolutionize the way we drive, as Nissan is presenting this car as part of its Two Zeroes plan: as in, cars with zero emissions and zero fatalities. The car isn’t exactly expected to release any time soon, although Nissan is expected to integrate autonomous technology into their multiple production cars by the year 2020. So the future we all used to read about in books and see in movies really isn’t THAT far off, all things considered. Check out the photos below via Jalopnik:

Nissan IDS

Nissan IDS Concept

The new Nissan IDS

The new Nissan IDS Concept Car

Nissan IDS electric car

Nissan IDS

Nissan autonomous car

Nissan IDS autonomous car

So awesome! Seriously, I want one of these in the worst way. It’s like the cars from Steven Spielberg’s AI, except this doesn’t look ridiculous from the outside.

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