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Nigel Lythgoe: “FOX is allowing American Idol to be about the judges.”

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First of all, I really need some interns/correspondents in L.A. I was invited to the press event for So You Think You Can Dance yesterday and unfortunately I didn’t have anyone on call to represent the blog. If you are interested for anything in the future, please let me know.

At any rate TheWrap has a nice video interview of Nigel Lythgoe talking about the new season of SYTYCD plus some tidbits about American Idol.

He said that they couldn’t get Danny Tidwell because he was touring in Europe… hmmm…

And on American Idol, he said that he couldn’t believe that FOX was allowing the media for the past two years to make the show all about the judges instead of the contestants. He said that leave for one or two, the standard of the talent on the show (for Season 8 and 9) has been downhill.

Wow, Nigel and I are on the same page! In every single interview that I’ve done this season I’ve always emphasized that the show is about the contestants and not judging — while my colleagues in the business are constantly whining about Kara, Ellen, Randy and Simon (leaving).

Watch the video here:

Source The Wrap

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