Nicolas Cage Forced to Return His Stolen Mongolian Dinosaur Skull

From kidnapping the president to stealing the Declaration of Independence, returning a dinosaur skull to the Mongolian government is all in a day’s work for Nicolas Cage.

The actor originally bought the rare Tyrannosaurus bataar skull (because Nic Cage) back in 2007 from a gallery, but agreed to return it to its rightful owners after learning the bones were stolen.

Nicolas Cage Dinosaur Skull

Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

Despite a lawsuit to get the skull back, Cage — who paid $276,000 for the item, beating out Leonardo DiCaprio — is not accused of any wrongdoing.

In fact, despite his on-screen persona, he willingly cooperated with authorities after learning he had purchased stolen goods.

When asked by his lawyer what he planned to do next, Nic Cage definitely did not respond: “I’m gonna find the lost city of Atlantis!”

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