Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift Are Feuding on Twitter (Or Maybe Not)

It may be nothing, or it may be the dumbest social media feud of the year. Either way, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift are insisting they aren’t at war, but their respective Twitter feeds suggest otherwise.

Nicki was mad as hell when she took to Twitter after the nominations were announced for the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, and her “Anaconda” video was nowhere to be found in the Video of the Year category. Nicki argued that race may have had a role in why she didn’t get nominated, intimating that Taylor Swift’s nomination for “Bad Blood” might have come at the expense of her own nomination. Taylor was quick to snap back, and the rest is social media history. The tweets are below:

Nicki responded by retweeting this tweet to Taylor, pretty much indicating that all those tweets she swore weren’t about Taylor really kinda were:

But even without that tweet, it’s kind of hard to argue Nicki’s rant isn’t, in some way, about Taylor when one of the tweets calls out how unfair it is when “the ‘other’ girls drop a video that breaks records and impacts culture they get that nomination”. Taylor’s “Bad Blood” music video beat the record set by “Anaconda” for most views in 24 hours on VEVO, so either Nicki is lashing out at Taylor or this is a ridiculous misunderstanding worthy of a Laurel and Hardy routine. I’m guessing it’s more of the former than the latter, as Nicki continued to rant…

Of course, things would get stranger, as Kim Kardashian tweeted out a picture, and because she tweeted it out while Taylor and Nicki were in the midst of their back-and-forth, everyone assumed it was a comment on the situation. This is because, in the tweet, she quotes the infamous moment in which her husband, Kanye West, interrupted Taylor Swift on the VMA stage:

Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift Are Feuding on Twitter, And Celebs Are Picking Sides

Naturally, she was as surprised as anyone to find out she’d been dragged into this silly-ass Twitter rivalry.

Even Solange is getting roped into this thing, although unlike with Kim, it’s her own choice:

They ladies are out tonight! ???????????? #NickiMinaj #SolangeKnowles –see prior posts

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Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift Are Feuding on Twitter (Or Maybe Not)

Good friends, better enemies?

So yeah, what we basically have here is the celebrity social media version of Marvel’s Civil War storyline. Are you with Taylor? Are you with Nicki? Is there even a feud here? Looks to me like Nicki ranted, Taylor responded, Nicki explained, and Taylor got over it. The end, no? I can’t even tell anymore, with these damn “feuds”. I feel like an old man shouting at clouds. Can’t we all just get along?

Anyway, to see what this entire brouhaha is all about, check out the full nominations for the 2015 MTV VMAs and see if the picks are really worth getting that upset over.

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