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Nick Viall’s Blood Is ‘Boiling’ In New ‘Bachelor’ Preview (VIDEO)

Nick Viall knows as well as anyone that you can’t please everyone — especially as The Bachelor. So you know something huge has to have happened if Nick’s blood is “boiling”, as he admits in this new promo for next Monday’s episode of The Bachelor.

In the new episode, Nick will be taking the women home for one of the earlier hometown visits in recent history, and it would appear that this is where all the Corinne drama finally comes to a head. But what happens that causes Nick to lose his composure? What will Nick do? And what is the nature of the confrontation between the women? All we know right now is that it apparently has something to do with Corinne. But then, doesn’t everything, this season? Watch the preview video below:

Nick Viall's Blood Is 'Boiling' In New 'Bachelor' Preview (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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