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Nick Viall Reveals Advice Ben Higgins Gave Him For The Bachelor (VIDEO)

The Bachelor premieres in January with the controversial Nick Viall in the lead role. In preparation for his stint as the true 20th Bachelor (since Brad Womack was Bachelor twice), Nick received advice from last season’s Bachelor, Ben Higgins. What did Ben tell Nick? What was the nature of the advice he offered?

In an interview with PEOPLE, Nick reveals he recently had dinner with Ben and his fiancee, Lauren Bushnell. Although Ben and Lauren are engaged, they offered Nick some very frank advice about getting engaged on national television, and finding love on a reality show. Watch the interview video below:

Nick Viall Reveals Advice Ben Higgins Gave Him For The Bachelor (VIDEO)


That’s pretty solid advice from Ben and Lauren, actually. Sure, fans will feel like it’s a Juan Pablo-sized cop out if Nick doesn’t find himself engaged at the end, but I really don’t see the need to rush it if your end goal is really about finding a love that will last. This isn’t to say that true, lasting love can’t be found if you propose at the end, but simply that sometimes it’s better to just wait. Who knows? Maybe Nick will offer one person his final rose, and then propose live on After the Final Rose, after he’s had a little more time to talk with his final choice and get to know her better in the real world. Granted, it’d be hard for them to see each other in public, since ABC will want to avoid spoiling who his final pick ends up being. But…well, ABC is loosening up on spoilers these days. Hell, they spoiled Bachelor In Paradise by announcing Nick as The Bachelor before his relationship with Jen Saviano even came to an end on the show. So anything could happen. And maybe that’s the appeal they’re looking for in a Nick Viall season: unpredictability.

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