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Nick Viall Is Touted As ‘Controversial’ In Latest Promo For The Bachelor (VIDEO)

Nick Viall doesn’t really need an introduction to the Bachelor Nation at this point, considering he’s been on three separate Bachelor franchise shows, having been dumped at the Final Rose Ceremony on two separate seasons of The Bachelorette, and ended a relationship himself on the most recent season of Bachelor In Paradise. But now, Nick is The Bachelor, and ABC is making sure you know he’s controversial.

Of course, the “controversial” nature of Nick Viall is due in large part to the wide split among the fanbase, as some really love the guy, and others hate him with a passion normally reserved for villains in a tawdry soap opera. But since I guess that’s kind of what The Bachelor is (at least in its better moments), then it kind of makes sense that Nick is drawing that kind of reaction. I have no loving idea if this will translate to ratings for ABC, but they seem to recognize what they have in Nick, as far as having an attention-grabbing lead star. The new season doesn’t premiere until January 2nd, but you can watch the latest promo video (with a mix of old and new footage) below:

Nick Viall Is Touted As 'Controversial' In Latest Promo For The Bachelor (VIDEO)

Credit: ABC

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