Nick Gordon Visits Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Grave 10 Days After Being Accused of ‘Wrongful Death’

Nick Gordon visited the grave of Bobbi Kristina Brown last week, a few days after her family amended their lawsuit against him with “wrongful death.”

PEOPLE magazine reports that “generous friends” flew Gordon to New Jersey on August 17 to visit her grave at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield.

Bobbi Kristina is buried next to her mother Whitney Houston. She died on Aug. 3

Nick Gordon was banned from seeing Bobbi Kristina in the hospital when she was alive, as well as all funeral services.

According to family sources, Gordon paid his respects at a beach which was his and Bobbi Kristina’s “favorite place to go.”

Nick Gordon Visits Bobbi Kristina Brown's Grave 10 Days After Being Accused of 'Wrongful Death'

In June, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate filed a lawsuit against Gordon for domestic violence and theft. After she died, it was amended to accuse him of her “wrongful death.”

An investigation by authorities continues.

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