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Nick Fradiani gets assist from Harry Connick Jr. on ‘Teenage Dream’ on American Idol Top 7

Nick Fradiani sang “Teenage Dream” on American Idol XIV on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 for Billboard Hot 100 night.

Nick Fradiani was safe.

From our live blog:

J-Lo felt that was so good, noting that this is how you change a song and make it your own in the best possible way. She says that’s a version she actually could hear on the radio today (sounds like an obnoxious shot at Jax). Harry didn’t think the arrangement was that great, actually. He wishes Nick would sing something with grittier lyrics, since he has an intensity underneath his sweetness. J-Lo doesn’t understand how Harry didn’t like that, and Keith shares that confusion, since he thought Nick did an awesome job making it his own. He notes that it was a killer song choice for Nick. After the performance, Ryan asks what Katy Perry song Harry would sing if he could. He says he thinks he could sing the hell out of “Teenage Dream,” and this prompts the judges and the crowd to dare him to sing it. He eventually gives in, gets onstage, and sings it onstage with Nick, in a moment that I think is going to endear Nick to a lot of people. Of course, Harry then runs with it and goes over-the-top with the song, ad-libbing since he doesn’t actually know the lyrics. But Nick wins huge points by telling Harry, afterwards, that that wasn’t his best performance. You know what? I wouldn’t mind if Nick lasted a long-ass time in this competition. I think he should at least outlast Qaasim and Rayvon, at this point. And maybe even Quentin too, if Quentin refuses to change up from all his dark, brooding vocals.

Nick Fradiani

Nick Fradiani gets assist from Harry Connick Jr. on 'Teenage Dream' on American Idol Top 7

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