Nick Cannon Releases Rap About Mariah Carey, ‘Divorce Papers’ (AUDIO)

Nick Cannon is speaking up about his divorce from Mariah Carey in a new freestyle titled “Divorce Papers.” He explained why he released the track in a statement on

“My purpose for creating this ‘Divorce Papers’ freestyle was not to feed the tabloid chatter, or even to diffuse it,” Nick stated. “This was strictly a creative way for me to express my frustrations with the media, the naysayers, myself and ultimately with the voices in my head.”

Nick would go on to add, “My ex and I are in a great place and are diligently moving things along so we both can continue to be happy. I am happy for her and all her new endeavors, both personal ones and professional ones. I sincerely hope the media doesn’t once again try to manipulate my words or my purpose for releasing this song.”

It’s a pretty honest song, but that sincerity is part of what makes it compelling. You can listen to the full track below:

Nick Cannon Releases Rap About Mariah Carey, 'Divorce Papers' (AUDIO)

Source: YouTube

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For more on this situation, read up on the report about why Nick isn’t signing off on the divorce.

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