Nick Cannon Hits Golden Buzzer for 90-Year-Old Stripper on America’s Got Talent (VIDEO)

90-Year-Old stripper Dorothy Williams earned the first-ever Golden Buzzer from host Nick Cannon on America’s Got Talent 2016 on Tuesday, July 5, 2016!

Dorothy was born in 1946, and has been dancing virtually all her life. Honestly, she looks great for being 90-years-old. She tells her story, talking about how she hadn’t become a star by 23, so she didn’t know what to do with her life. So she worked at a supermarket for 25 years until she and her husband moved to Hawaii. But she never forgot her passion for dancing, so she’s back to give it another shot. Dorothy starts out by singing “Let Me Entertain You”…and then does a strip tease! The crowd is going crazy for this, and it’s just so immensely endearing that I can’t blame them. She shakes her hips and thrusts her crotch like a woman a third of her age, and has the twirling tassels on her boobs for added flair. Simon and Heidi give Dorothy a standing ovation. Considering how hard it can be for some senior citizens to move, this was actually really impressive. Watch the performance video below:

Nick Cannon Hits Golden Buzzer for 90-Year-Old Stripper on America's Got Talent (VIDEO)

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Mel applauds Dorothy and says “Good for you!” Heidi absolutely loves Dorothy, and says she put her in a really good mood. Simon finds Dorothy fascinating, and says he does think there’s an audience for her. He does feel there needs to be some work on the tassels, but he found himself wishing for a longer song. Howie loves Dorothy and loves her message, and he feels she should become a star. Nick then enters and tells the audience that he and Dorothy had a talk backstage about how her only dream was to be a star in a moment like this. He says that the judges get to use a Golden Buzzer once every season, but every judge has already used their Golden Buzzers. But Nick doesn’t care, he’s breaking the rules…


Finally, the twist for the UK finally makes its way over here, as the host finally gets a Golden Buzzer. I couldn’t be more happy that Nick finally gets a say, and the judges are quick to get on their feet for Dorothy’s big moment, as the confetti rains down. Is Dorothy the oldest person to ever advance to the live shows? Best of luck to her!

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