Nexus 6P Review: Google’s New Premium Phone Lives Up To The Hype (VIDEO)

The new Nexus 6P lives up to the hype as the best phone Google makes with great battery life and an awesome camera.

In tech blogger Marques Brownlee’s review, he gives it a “thumbs up” and recommends it to anyone looking for a high end Android smartphone.

The “P” in 6P is short for “premium” and the phone is premium all the way. For the first time since Google launched the Nexus line, the Nexus finally has a camera that doesn’t suck.

The Nexus 6P (and it’s little brother the 5X) is compatible with Google’s wireless service Project Fi and introduces two new features to Android: Google on Tap (Google Now on steroids) and the Google fingerprint reader.

Nexus 6P Review- Google's New Premium Phone Lives Up To The Hype (VIDEO)

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