x2Twins banned on Twitch


Fortnite streamers x2Twins (Jesse and Jordan Eckley) have been banned from Twitch on June 13, 2021.

The Eckley twins are content creators from Australia and this is their first ban.

No one knows however why including the twins themselves. I don’t understand why Twitch keeps on doing this!

Their Twitter account wrote:

just got banned on twitch?

i have no idea why we have 0 strikes, literally done nothing to my knowledge? about to fucking cry bro

My god. I hope this gets straightened out soon.

Twitch has been bombarded by automated DMCA complaints lately and the Amazon-owned company is struggling to balance their corporate needs with the needs of their creators and viewers.

What is frustrating is how Twitch just bans without informing its users why. They should really improve the bot that does this.

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