Video: Danny Tidwell is Married, Makes Watermelon Juice on 'According to Manwe'


Danny Tidwell was on “According to Manwe” recently talking about his life post “So You Think You Can Dance.”

The interview was done while he and Manwe made watermelon juice! Hahaha.

Some takeaways:

Danny has a husband! OMG. Congratulations!

Danny and Manwe are horrible at making watermelon juice. This video was mostly off focus but it was so funny with the watermelon upstaging everything.

I miss Danny so much. He is the best dancer SYTYCD has ever had.

He said that he was planning to do more teaching in the future.

Danny Tidwell was the runner up of So You Think You Can Dance Season 3 and is the adoptive brother of Travis Wall.

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Note: Manwe deleted the video on YouTube a long time ago but I’ve kept the links here for the record.

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