Ted Cruz Flies To Cancun With Family While Texas Freezes (PHOTOS)


Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is rumored to have flown to Cancun, Mexico on Wednesday while Texas is in a state of emergency from a deep freeze. (CONFIRMED BELOW)

Photos of Cruz and his family in Houston International Airport and on the aircraft circulated on social media overnight. Though not yet confirmed by Cruz’s office (or his Twitter account), Internet sleuths swear that this is him.

It is really unusual that Ted Cruz has not responded to an allegation such as this immediately.

Take a look at the photos below.

If this is really Ted Cruz, then this is just one of the many episodes in his political career that proves he is a vile human being.

While his constituents in Texas are suffering through rolling blackouts and no drinking water, he goes on vacation. Really sickening!

UPDATE: This story is now confirmed by FOX News. Ted Cruz is in Cancun while Texans are suffering. What a POS.

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